Unsecured Loan: The Good and the Bad

When your company needs financing, you need to consider all the options in front of you. One of these options is an unsecured loan. Like any other type of funding, this loan has its pros and cons, and it is important to understand both so that you can make an informed decision as to whether it is right for your business. By doing your research first, you can decide whether an unsecured or secured loan is ideal for your company.

The Good

There are several benefits to be gained by acquiring this loan. For starters, most businesses find that they qualify for higher amounts than with other types of loans. Secured financing often means there are limits to how much your business can get because there is an appraisal process. Unsecured financing does not require any appraisals, so you typically get more.

An unsecured loan also provides business owners with greater flexibility. With other methods of financing, the terms are very strict in what you can spend that money on. Unsecured loans generally allow you to spend the money on whatever you want as long as it is for the well-being of your business. These loans are also great for building a relationship with the lender. You may just need one loan now, but in the future, you may need another type of financing. By getting unsecured financing now, you are developing a relationship with the lender and have a greater chance of acquiring funding in the future.

The Bad

There are a couple downsides to an unsecured loan. First, there is greater liability associated with them. This means that if you miss a payment, the lender is going to be immediately on top of you. This is because there is no collateral associated with the funding. However, as long as you make your payments in a timely fashion, you will not have to worry about a thing.

Unsecured loans also typically carry shorter loan terms. Other types of financing can give you a term of as much as 30 years to repay the amount. With unsecured financing, most lenders will give you a maximum of five years to pay it back. Certain lenders are more generous and can give you as much as 10 years, but you should check with your specific lender to know for certain what your terms are.

An unsecured loan is just one type of financing. There are also lines of credit and cash advances you can look into as well. Consider the advantages of all of them, so you get the perfect one for your needs. For more assistance in deciding which loan might be right for your business, contact Revap Group Capital at 708-478-9660.

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