Sustainable Business: Eco-Friendly Business Tips

Today’s consumers want to know they support sustainable businesses. More people are considering the environment when they shop. Being eco-friendly isn’t just about remodeling and installing new equipment. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make your business stand out to your customers. Here are 7 tips for making your organization a sustainable business:

• Leave the car at home.  Use public transportation, walk or bike to get to your office. If you’re considering a new location, look for a site that is accessible for customers without having to rely on personal transportation.

• Don’t commute.

Work from a home office if possible. You save time and money when you don’t have to commute to an office off-site every day.

• Break your addiction to convenience.  Those single-serving coffee pods might be quick and easy, but the waste contributes to landfills. Buy a large canister of coffee for a fraction of the price. Refill the canister with coffee in bags. Encourage the use of refillable water bottles and coffee mugs. Install an energy-efficient refrigerator and keep bulk condiments on hand, instead of throwaway servings.

• Go paperless.

Use technology to reduce your reliance on paper. Install air dryers in the bathroom and kitchen.

• Source goods in a green method.

A sustainable business procures goods and services from other businesses that are eco-friendly. Locally sourced supplies that are made to sustainable practices reduce your carbon footprint and encourage community involvement.

• Recycle and reuse.

Keep everything you can out of landfills. Donate used goods to local charities, a good example is Habitat for Humanity, that takes all types of materials to sell to fund their low-income housing projects.

• Reduce water use.

Look for Energy Star appliances. Use a high-efficiency pressure washer when cleaning the parking lot. Convert your sprinkler system to a drip system. Maintain toilets and faucets to ensure that you’re not losing water through leaks.

You don’t have to completely renovate your building to be a sustainable business. Sometimes, it takes looking at your day-to-day practices and finding ways to be more eco-friendly. Contact Revap Group Capital for financing options for making renovations and upgrades to increase sustainability.

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