Increase your Productivity with these 8 Time Management Tips

Clay Clark said, “time management is the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur.” You only get 24 hours each day. Using them wisely lets you get more done in your day. To really focus and be productive, use these tips:

• Know your goals. Focus on activities that support your business goals, both long- and short-term.

• Ask yourself what things only you can do and what can be delegated or are busywork. Go for the important tasks first.

• Set boundaries. Say no to things that aren’t important and won’t get your business ahead.

• Take 15 minutes before you leave work to write down the next day’s projects. When you get to work, schedule your day based on your list.

• Get rid of distractions. Put your smartphone on silent for 45 minutes every hour. Work straight through before checking email or social media. When you’re working, focus on work. Take regular breaks to catch up with staff and return phone calls.

• You don’t have to do everything. Hire your teenager to clean the bathroom at the office. Find an employee who can take some of the busywork jobs that have to be done but don’t bring in a high return.

• Pay attention to the time you spend. Use an app to track your time. Know how you’re spending your time, so you can see if it’s being wasted or used wisely.

• Take care of yourself. When you don’t get enough sleep or take breaks, you can get really behind in work. Eat healthy. Exercise. Unplug. You’ll focus better when you take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

Time management can really help you be more productive every day. Revap Group Capital can help you find financing to grow and expand your business when you’re ready. Call for more information about our programs.

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