How To Improve Your Office Environment

Your company’s success is typically dependent upon its employees and their ability to function in a safe and comfortable work environment. But did you know the office environment has also been shown to have an impact on employee work performance, mood, and drive? That is why many experts claim creating a work atmosphere which is productive is essential to the success of your company. Here are several ways to improve the work setting of your office.


Change the Lighting

Employee attitude and performance has been scientifically linked to office lighting. Not only does natural light improve energy levels and general employee mood, but it can also impact productivity and focus. Windows are more than a status symbol because they fill the workplace with natural light.


When natural light is not possible, try blue-enriched bulbs in office light fixtures. They have been shown to increase happiness and reduce fatigue. When blue tinted lights are introduced, work place happiness levels rise, so it is not surprising that work performance also increases in that office environment. Additionally, using warmly toned lights in lunch or relaxation rooms promotes a sense of calm and peace.


Improve the Communication

As you move through your company, be cognizant of your employees’ reactions to you and how you interact with them. Talk to employees and show them they have value to you within the company. A few minutes of positive reinforcement by you or your managers can contribute to company production and employee loyalty. A worker that feels they can communicate with those around them, and that their feedback has meaning, may also work harder in the office environment. Additionally, open communication promotes innovation, increases enthusiasm, and ignites trust which can lead to long-term employees.


Modify the Environment

For many years employers believed a clean, mono-tone work environment would boost productivity. Studies done on hugely successful modern companies have shown the opposite is true. Given an office situation where employees are free to make choices about their comfort can boost worker productivity, communication, and energy levels. Individuals that believe their workplace is depressing are less productive and less happy. By allowing workers to choose comfortable chairs, adding plants to the workplace, and allowing personal touches in the work space, you can boost efficiency as you boost employee satisfaction.


Make the Change

A happy employee that feels free to communicate their ideas can help you build your company. A few positive changes in lighting and cubical space within the office environment can also go far in making your employees loyal. Success is in your hands and easily within your reach.


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