How Small Businesses Can Provide Great Customer Service

The customer service of a business can make or break its brand. You don’t need a lot of employees to provide excellent customer service, but you do need to remember that the customer pays your salary. The customer may not always be right, but you should provide an excellent customer experience. Here are six tips for providing good customer service.

Listen and concentrate on what your customer says

Pay attention to your customer’s verbal and non-verbal language. Ask questions to find out what is most important to your customer. Don’t assume. Give your customer your undivided attention.

Make customers feel appreciated and important

Be sincere when talking to customers. Treat each person as an individual, not as a sale. Use their first name. Avoid stereotypes. Create trust with your customer by asking questions.

Help your customer’s understanding

Your systems may be new to your customers. Your industry may be complex. Explain your system if it’s not inherently obvious. Give your customers information about your industry to help them make good decisions.

Do more than expected

Go beyond expectations by giving customers an experience they can’t get at your competitors. Follow up with people, even when they don’t buy. Thank everyone who comes in your door.

Know the power of “yes”

Try to manage reasonable requests with a yes, to make doing business with you easy. Look for ways to help customers. You may have to work out the logistics later, but by saying yes and solving their problems, you keep customers in your store.

Treat employees well

Your employees will treat customers better when you treat your employees with respect and appreciation. Your customers watch how you treat employees. When you disrespect people, you lose business.

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