Customer Service: Striking the Right Balance 

It has often been said that no matter how good a product your company makes, the thing that customers will remember the most about your company is how they were treated, and what kind of customer service they received. With customer service being so important to establishing and building trust and loyalty, it is critical to indoctrinate your employees about how to extend the best possible customer service to patrons. Here are some of the qualities you should emphasize to your employees when dealing with customers.


Customers do rely on customer service personnel to advise them about product features and functions, so it’s essential that company employees know their products very well. If there’s a particular question that can’t be answered on the spot, a helpful response would be to find the appropriate answer for the customer.


Every customer brings a different attitude and a different set of circumstances into the store, and company personnel need to have the skills to assess those circumstances, and react accordingly. Regardless of the level of negativity, indifference, or inquisitiveness demonstrated by customers, the same level of customer service needs to be extended to each of them.

Work ethic

All customers appreciate the fact that a customer service person will follow through on a request for a question, to see it resolved. At the same time, the service person needs to recognize when too much time is being spent with one customer, and tactfully disengage.

Good communication skills

Part of those good communication skills should be an ability to clearly express yourself to a customer, so that he/she has a good understanding of what you’re saying. Another component of good communication is to remain as positive and cheerful as possible.

Customer is always right

As difficult as this may be to accept sometimes, it remains a basic truism of personal encounters in business. A good service person should have the self-control to avoid confrontational language, and to do everything possible to accommodate the customer.

Customer service at Revap Group Capital

Our customers are just as important to us as all of yours are to your business, and that means you can expect to receive Red Carpet treatment when you’re working with our financial consultants. Contact us at Revap Group Capital with any inquiries you have about funding, and find out all about our great customer service at the same time.

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