Healthcare Financing

Fully Finance Your Practice

Healthcare financing for your practice can provide you the working capital you need to either update or expand your operations. At times, you may wish to consolidate the debt of your practice into a single payment with one set of terms. Here are ways that healthcare financing can help you and your enterprise.

Healthcare Financing Details

  • No report of healthcare loans to credit bureau
  • Flexibility in purpose of loan
  • Terms as long as 72 months
  • Funds available from $75,000 dollars to $250,000 dollars
  • No upfront payments required
Revap Group Capital Healthcare Financing

Update Operations

As a medical care provider with your own practice, the pressure is on you to provide your patients with the most up-to-date equipment possible for the greatest efficacy and accuracy. With the state of insurance company service reimbursement, often times you must consider financing to make timely purchases or lease agreements on needed instruments. Updating your practice space is a great move to enhance your practice profile, but also requires funds up front to make it happen.

Facilitate Acquisition

An opportunity to acquire another practice requires a large outlay of cash that is rarely feasible without health care financing. This source of working capital makes it possible to expand operations or buy out a partner.

Consolidate Debt

We can work with you to streamline your debt payback process to one monthly payment. Great rates are available for qualified applicants.

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Incorporated as a city in 1837, Chicago, IL is the third most populated city in the U.S. and is one of the most important business centers in the world. The Chicago economy has grown by an estimated 14,845 jobs year-over-year since October 2016, while unemployment has decreased. Chicago may be home to deep-dish pizza and very cold winters, but it’s also home to some of America’s fastest-growing inner city businesses. Chicago has a great reputation as a fertile ground for starting & growing a business, and it’s no surprise to the people that reside there. While Chicago continues to be economically strong and vibrant, Revap Group Capital serves the area of Chicago and it’s surrounding cities with our various financial products to help serve our state of Illinois. Whether you live nearby in Naperville, Aurora, Rockford, Peoria, Springfield, Champaign, or anywhere else in the United States, let us help you find the solutions to help start or grow your business. Contact us today at 708-478-9660.

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