Business Teams: Why the Team is More Important than the Leaders

Deloitte’s research, Business Human Capital Trends 2016 reveals several interesting elements about how teams work best in today’s businesses.  One of the trends is the idea that the importance of business teams is rising over traditional hierarchical leadership models.   This shift to a team-based business environment is in response to several environmental factors:

• Digital technology has made general managers less valuable in favor of teams.

• The need for information transparency is contributing to the rise in team importance.  Transparency is not only more desirable, but it is also much more easily managed through technology and creative multi-feedback tools and models.

• The large number of Millennials in the workforce who see the world differently than the older generations expect a less hierarchical organization with a stronger focus on teams.

The role of leaders in this new team-based organizational structure is different than traditional hierarchical, matrix structures or functional structures as well:

• Leaders are facilitators, people who strategize and inspire teams to succeed.

• Leaders are expected to have expertise in their area and be hands on in the work.

• Leaders use a different performance management technique as well.  Instead of the yearly review process, performance management is free flowing with constant feedback in all directions.

• Leaders emphasize coaching instead of evaluating employees.

• Leaders help the employee connect their performance with the organizations overarching goals.

Overall, this new approach is designed to make the workplace a better place for employees as humans.  It takes into account how people like to work and what kind of environment fosters collaboration and communication.  This new environment drives employee engagement because it allows people to work in small groups of people which appeals to our tribal nature and at the same time allows workers to contribute to something bigger.

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