3 Things a Great Business Team can do for Your Company

The occasional solo is great, whether in music or in sports, but the ensemble is what really makes the difference, whether it’s creating enjoyable music or winning games.

The same thing is true in business were solo entrepreneurs can push hard to see success. But if they combined with other talent, it’s likely they can accomplish even more.

That’s part of the definition of a business team, which benefits from different personalities and skills. A start-up can have a few people who wear multiple hats, and a larger company can have some who can do several positions or some who specialize.

Creating and sustaining a business team can be useful to not just relieve burdens on one person, but bring people together and get them excited.

A strong team can share some of these qualities:

Emotional intelligence

Though this skill set can be hard to define, it generally means that people are sensitive to each other’s needs and wants and consider other people’s opinions. This doesn’t mean being dominant or submissive but at least being aware that multiple perspectives can exist.


This can be demographic diversity, such as different ethnicities, genders or ages. Or it could mean that everyone on the business team has different backgrounds, opinions and skill sets. Either way, these differences can be celebrated and encouraged, since they will all be useful in planning, project management and decision-making. In contrast, an organization where everyone is similar and thinks similarly could be limited in its approach and perhaps make certain candidates feel unwelcome.


Certainly everyone could do their daily duties and go home, whether it’s providing a product or service. But smart managers can come up with a variety of ways to always seek improvement in different aspects of the business and motivate others. It could be everything from increasing production to reducing complaints. Some factors are out of people’s control, such as total revenue, but everyone can find   some area to measure and improve.

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